Wednesday, 16 September 2009

End of the line

Well I am really sorry to say that I have not found another suitable venue that is free on the 12th December so I am afraid their will be no Crafty at the Coast this year.  All those that already sent cheques, I will return your payment in the next week and all I can say is I am really sorry to let you down.

I am not sure if I will organise any more Whitstable Craft events next year, I will wait until the new year and see if I am feeling inspired! As although I love organising them, they do take up lots of time to sort out for 2 or 3 months before the event and are getting harder and harder to fit in around the kids and family.

So bye for now, sorry to say I am at the end of the line with the Whitstable craft events I organise, but if anyone else wants to organise something - I have lots of crafty contacts who may want to take part!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

It's all fallen apart.........

Sadly after the last post, as it all came together, it very quickly fell apart.

I am so sad and sorry to say that I have had to cancel the Christmas Crafty at the Coast.
I won't waffle on here again as I just did on my blog. If you want the full story please look here, but basically the hall has been double booked and my booking cancelled.

I feel so awful for all the fantastic crafty people who were hoping to take part and really feel I have let them down and all of those who were hoping to come along for a browse and a buy as the other events really have been so brilliant and I have met so many fantastic and clever crafty people by organising them.

At this moment in time I don't think I will be organising any further craft fairs in Whitstable, but never say never.........I will update on here if I have a change of heart and manage to find another venue! Or if any other local crafty types are thinking of organising one - I would love a stall!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

It's all coming together....

I have been having a play with the crafty at the coast logo - I am still not sure though! I just thought the other one wasn't....well, crafty enough!!! Any thoughts?

The deposit is paid now and I have a few interesting developments with the goodie bags, and I am happy to say the first freebie for them is now sorted in the way of copies of the Whitstable Imp - this is a fantastic full colour magazine that is also delivered free to local houses and businesses and is full of information and interviews all about whitstable. We are hopefully going to get a mention in there as well!

You are welcome to send things for the goodie bags, even if you live too far away and are not taking part.  They will be going to craft loving people at the fair so if you have an etsy or folksy etc shop and would like to get your name and info into the hands of these craft enthusiasts then this is a good way of doing it!

Sorry for the photo free posts, but nothing to show except lots of paperwork so far!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Getting organised

Hello to anyone taking part in the next fair!! This blog is just to help keep everyone updated on what is happening with all the fairs I am organising. The next fair being the Christmas Crafty at the Coast! I have organised four previous Craft Fairs in Whitstable and one in Canterbury, so this will be the sixth fair I have organised and I thought it was time for a change of name hence Crafty at the Coast rather than just Craft & Gift Fair.

Letters are going out to stallholders as I write, so hopefully very soon I will be able to let you know who will be taking part.